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Sort by filename

From: Carlos Rocha <caroch00(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 14:51:51 GMT
I have asked this question before at when I first tried the solution given 
by Jose it worked fine.
I added
metanames swishdocpath to the config file and the -s switch to the command
   .......   -s swishdocpath asc

When I installed a fresh copy of Swish-e at a different computer, the result 
is a random entry at the top and then most of the items in descending order 
and at the bottom again items is random order.

Q1) What am I missing?

Q2)Going one step further, I would like to sort by filename only, ignoring 
the file path.
Do I have to do it programatically within my CGI or there is a way to sort 
by filename that I am missing?

I am using the binary distribution for Windows (2.2.3)  and running Windows 
2000 and IIS 5.

Thanks a million for any help that you guys can give me.


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Received on Thu Jul 24 14:52:09 2003