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Oh - and a problem with the swish-e.h

From: <polone(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 03:48:07 GMT
Before I forget :-), I was adding the Swish constants to the PHP environment 
and noticed that IN_ALL is using a bit flag that is not defined (for that 
matter, so is IN_FILE). Basically, IN_ALL is #define'd as using OR'd values of 
all the bit fields, but IN_FILE_BIT is not defined, thus making this attribute 
useless. Is this suppose to be:

#define IN_FILE_BIT 0
#define IN_FILE (1<<IN_FILE_BIT);
#define IN_ALL (...|IN_FILE);


Patrick O'Lone
Received on Thu Jul 24 03:48:17 2003