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Re: Filters

From: Nathan Vonnahme <nathan.vonnahme(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 17:21:40 GMT
It's pretty easy to do such a thing... sounds like the main difference between wvText and catdoc is that wvText creates an output file, whereas catdoc prints the output.

Start with the filter, and change this part:
    # Grab output from running program
    my $content = $filter->run_program( 'catdoc', $file );
    return unless $content;

to something like this (I can't test this code right now but hopefully it will work):

  $filter->run_program('/path/to/wvText', $file, '/path/to/temp/output/file');
  open CONVERTED, '/path/to/temp/output/file' or die "couldn't open  '/path/to/temp/output/file' for reading - $!";
  $$content = join '',<CONVERTED>;

Good luck,

>>> "Roubart Capcap" <> 07/23/03 08:12AM >>>
I am having problems using the swish filter with doc2txt and catdoc to filter MSWord documents containing "forms".  I found a program wvText and wvHtml which can do the conversion, however, I do not know how to create the filter for it.  Basically, the wvText requires the input file name and output file name.  I am not a perl programmer so I would appreciate any help you could give.

Thank you for a very fast and flexible swish-e!!
Received on Wed Jul 23 17:21:50 2003