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Missing `const's in swish-e.h

From: C. van Reeuwijk <C.vanReeuwijk(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 13:22:33 GMT

When trying to use the swish-e API from a C++ program, I notice that
the documentation and the implementation disagree on the `const'-ness
of a number of parameters. In particular, SwishQuery has, according to
the documentation, the signature

  SW_RESULTS SwishQuery(SW_HANDLE, const char *words);

but in swish-e.h the `const' is missing. There are more.

Relatedly, shouldn't it be:

  SwishInit(const char *IndexFiles);

This is mainly a problem because g++ causes an error on this kind of
difference, making it much harder to use the library.

Kees van Reeuwijk, Delft University of Technology
Received on Mon Jul 14 13:22:49 2003