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Creating a property out of an HTML comment.

From: Jasen Fici <jasen(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 21:42:19 GMT

We want to index some sites that have marked up certain sections of
their content with HTML comments (unfortunately).  For example:

<!-- Content starts here -->
      Most Real Programmers treat JavaScript like the poor cousin from
country - useful in certain situations, but not very important. Real
Programmers aren't interested in a language whose primary application
seems to be swapping one image with another, or drawing mouse trails
across a Web page. Real Programmers have better things to do.<br>
<!-- end of content -->

Does anyone know an intelligent way to get swish-e to index that text
(or the first 200 characters of that text) as a property (description
property or anything else would do).

Jasen Fici
Artifact Software

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