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Re: wordnet and swish-e

From: Juan Francisco Fernandez Carrasco <juanf(at)>
Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 09:23:22 GMT
Aaron Bazar wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> I was wondering if anybody has any experience using Wordnet with Swish-e ?
> (
> I was thinking of setting my search sites up so that synonyms or similar
> words might be searched at the same time. So, if you were to go to
> and type in "credit card", you might also get
> search results returned for "charge card", or at least a link on the side
> asking if you would like to perform a search on charge cards.
> By the way, if anybody needs help setting up swish-e on ENSIM webappliance
> for Linux, I may be able to offer advice. I have set it up on a few sites
> now including and . It
> really is a great search engine software and works well in Ensim with a few
> tweaks.
> Thanks a lot!
> Aaron Bazar

Hi Aaron!!

I curently work with WordNet and Swish-e. There is a module in Perl to access
WorNet and, by all means there are modules in the same language
to access swish-e programatically. I myself use the combination

I hope this might help you.


  Juan Fco Fernandez
Received on Mon Jul 7 09:23:30 2003