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Re: Modifying the example CGI input form?

From: Michael W. Cocke <cocke(at)>
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 18:13:42 GMT
On Sat, 5 Jul 2003 09:24:20 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 03:21:42PM -0700, Michael W. Cocke wrote:
>> I'm a novice/intermediate PERL programmer (but I'm working on it!)
>> with a small question...   I'd like to make a small change to the
>> example input form.  Can someone please tell me where it's stored???  
>I assume you are talking about the swish.cgi script.  The output can be 
>generated a number of ways -- using a templating system or, by default, 
>with a Perl module called
>Take a look at the docs:
>There's a FAQ section:
># Frequently Asked Questions
>  * How do I change the way the output looks?
>That section needs updating for the the 2.4.0 version of Swish because 
>modules are now installed automatically.  But you can still copy that 
> module some place and change the Package name as 
>described.  There's no requirement for it to be in the SWISH name space 
>-- you can rename the package as you like and them just make sure it can 
>be found via the @INC array.

I guess my question wasn't clear;  I found the stuff in   What I don't get is how to modify the input
form!   This is going right over my head - is there a 'FAQ for
complete idiots' somewhere?


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