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IgnoreMetaTags (Again!)

From: <palm(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 07:29:53 GMT

I've written:

IgnoreMetaTags script style

At the end of the swish-e.conf file, but the result still puts out Javascripts 
in the description, IF the Javascript is not commented with <!--this wont be 
shown--> or if the script contains a ">" character that "breaks" the comment, 
like this for example:

<script><!--function test(){if (x>y)...}--></script>

The code after the comparision x>y will be included in the desription wich is 
bad of course.

..or maybe i've been written the line: 
"IgnoreMetaTags script style"
at the wrong place???

I've read a topic about this in the discussion, but i can't find it now. Anyone 
knows how to solve this problem?
Thank you in advance, Kristofer 
Received on Mon Jun 23 07:29:59 2003