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ReplaceRules, excerpt, and PDFs

From: Josh Santangelo <joshs(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 18:51:40 GMT
I'm using v2.2.3 on a Red Hat box and have successfully gotten a site 
indexed and searched. The problem I'm having is using ReplaceRules to 
translate the local filesystem path to a URL. Here's my config:

IndexFile /home/httpd/html/opentv/search/indexfiles/docs.index
IndexDir /home/httpd/html/opentv
IndexOnly .htm .html .shtml
FileRules pathname contains (search|images|external_files)
ReplaceRules replace "/home/html/opentv/" "/"
FollowSymLinks no

In the search results, I'm getting:


What I want is:


What am I missing?

Also, is it difficult to get the search results to output an excerpt of 
matched documents along with the results? What goes in the config file 
and templates for that?

How do I index PDFs? I have filter-bin/, but I'm not sure 
how to use it. The docs on the FileFilter directive are confusing me.

Received on Tue Jun 17 18:56:40 2003