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Re: configuring and debugging swish.cgi with IIS

From: Nathan Vonnahme <nathan.vonnahme(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 16:15:08 GMT
oops I realized a couple errors in what I wrote yesterday:

> It's also weird that backslashing the quotes worked for you, because DOS doesn't usually work that way--backslashes are for paths, not escaping.  Could it be the argument-parsing code in swish-e.exe that is eating the [quotes]?  If you're using a standard library for it, maybe there's a difference in the DOS/Unix implementations in this regard.

> So, I guess then for now the backticks sub would need something like:
> @_ = map {s/"/\\"/g; qq["$_"]} @_ if $^O =~ /Win32/i;  # grr, Windows sucks

gotta leave out that comma after map {blah}
Received on Fri Jun 13 16:19:05 2003