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Re: Search for Filenames

From: <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 13:59:15 GMT
On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 12:32:21AM -0700, Timo Haberkern wrote:
> >How did you try to index the filenames?
> >
> Thats the problem ;-) I dont know how to index the filenames and with
> what search-query i can do a search for it.
> >  MetaNames swishdocpath
> >
> can you please explain a little more detailed. I'm very new to SWISH, so
> i don't have a deep understanding for that kind of things

If you want to search just path names, then you need to index the path 
names separately (i.e. under their own metaname).

"swishdocpath" is a special name in swish.  It's an automatic property 
that is used to store the path name of the file you are indexing.  But 
you can also *index* that pathname by saying:

  MetaNames swsihdocpath:

moseley@bumby:~$ cat c
MetaNames swishdocpath

moseley@bumby:~$ cat t.txt

moseley@bumby:~$ swish-e -c c -i t.txt -T indexed_words -v0
    Adding:[1:swishdocpath(10)]   't'   Pos:1  Stuct:0x1 ( FILE )
    Adding:[1:swishdocpath(10)]   'txt'   Pos:2  Stuct:0x1 ( FILE )
    Adding:[1:swishdefault(1)]   'someword'   Pos:2  Stuct:0x9 ( BODY FILE )

Note that the file "t.txt" was indexed as two words.  If you search:

   swish-e -w swishdocpath=t.txt

you will find the file t.txt, but you could also find the file txt.t or, so for best results use quotes:

   swish-e -w 'swishdocpath="t.txt"'

to force a phrase match.  Another option would be to add "." to 
WordCharacters and IgnoreLastChar settings.

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Jun 6 13:59:22 2003