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swish opening instead of indexing

From: A.Little <A.Little(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 08:35:53 GMT
Hi all,

A (hopefully) quick query for you.... I have swish-e running on one machine
(w2k) fine using the -S prog method. But when I try to run the indexer on
another machine 
(using "e:\swish>swish-e -S prog -c index_iet/index_iet.conf")

I just get the message that swish is indexing "e:/swish/prog-bin/"
and then it stops saying that no words found and it opens in

Any ideas what I should look for. I have tried copying the files from the
working machine to the other (just amending the drive letters to the config
files) but it makes no difference. I can run the -S http method on both
machines with no problem though.


Received on Tue Jun 3 08:36:01 2003