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SWISH-E License

From: Roy Tennant <roy.tennant(at)>
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 15:27:49 GMT
Recently I've been asked from two different sources about the SWISH-E 
license. Since my attitude has been that the less I'm asked about legal 
matters, the better I like it, I'm in a panic. SWISH-E has been through 
a couple license changes in the past, and if the present GPL license is 
not what the current developer community wants, then I'm all for 
changing it again.  Specifically, the issue appears to get down to 
this. The GPL license is somewhat demanding in regards to including 
SWISH-E with other licensable entities. That is, if you include SWISH-E 
  code in another software product, that software product must abide by 
some fairly strict rules. Having looked at the GPL license more closely 
<>, I tend to think 
it is too restrictive. Alternatives that have been suggested include 
the "lite" version of GPL 
<> and the BSD 
license <>. There may 
be others worth considering as well, and I suggest this source: 
<> to compare licenses. I'm 
looking for guidance here, folks. You're the people doing the work and 
you should have a say in how it's licensed. Besides, like I said, the 
less I have to think about legal matters the better I like it!
Roy Tennant
Received on Wed May 21 15:27:54 2003