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Re: Searching Help Files?

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 04:55:56 GMT
Kia ora - greetings

>     I'm researching search engines for a project.  I've transferred all of
> my help file documentation into html and need a search engine to help
> it.  The problem is, it can't really be a server based engine.  These help
> files will be installed onto all sorts of different customer platforms and
> bundled in with our product software.

>     Even though I've been reading about swish-e for 2 hours now, I can't
> find where it states swish-e can operate off-line/independent of server
> as described above.  Can someone help give me a better idea if swish-e can
> fit my needs?


I have just completed a project similar (but possibly smaller) to yours.

For my project I wanted a tool for searching a CD-ROM containing
about a thousand html files.

In the end I went for an ActiveX component that requires Internet
Explorer 4+ on Win32 systems.  (there is no requirement for a web server )

I've been trying to find spare time to go through my source code
and remove the "task specific" code to make it suitable
to include as part of the Swish-e sources
(my understanding here is that as swish-e is GPL not LGPL
- there is a requirement to make the source available
if your application links to the swish-e library).

The tool I created is called SwishCtl (SwishControl?) it is similar to
SwishEx in concept, but uses Swish-e 2.3.4 rather than the 2.0.5 used
in SwishEx - I did not base SwishCtl on the SwishEx code.

Of course if when you say "all sorts of different customer platforms"
you are including Apple or UNIX then SwishCtl  is not suitable...

I would be happy to send you a copy of my source.

I would be even happier to see SwishCtl included in the swish-e
distribution, but realise that this may not be a priority for the
swish-e maintainers (as SwishCtl only works with the proprietary
IE browser).

Greg Ford
Received on Wed May 21 04:56:03 2003