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Problems with StoreDescription on cfm files

From: Ander <redna(at)>
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 08:50:30 GMT

	I'm indexin cfm (coldfusion) files, and I wan't to have a description of 
the files being indexed.
	I've put these directives in my conf file:
	IndexContents HTML* .html .htm .cfm
	IndexContents TXT* .txt .text .log
	IndexContents XML* .xml
	Storedescription HTML* <body> 500

	Then when I make a search,  I can't see the description.
	I think that the "IndexContents" directive It's not working properly, or 
that swish-e doesn't 	recognize .cfm extensions due to the parameters 
appended  on th e URL (the URLs look 	like this : example.cfm?id=6)  .

	Can anyone help me?
Received on Thu May 8 08:51:29 2003