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Fuzzy Indexing Questions

From: John Movius <cew(at)>
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 00:19:10 GMT
I have a 100 Meg genealogy website (currently using an older version of
SWISH) and I am interested in using the "fuzzy" indexing mode of SWISH-e
on it in the near future.  I understand that the SWISH-e fuzzy indexing
feature provides a search similar to the "Soundex" search which is used
in certain census databases which is greatly appreciated by
genealogists.  However a fuzzy index is most likely to also be of
substantially larger size than a normal SWISH-e index.

Thus I am wondering if two SWISH-e indexes are needed to accomplish my
goals ... one normal SWISH-e for those that do not need the "fuzzy
indexing feature" (and want a shorter list of URL's to deal with) and
one for those that do need the fuzzy indexing feature?

My questions include: Has anyone on this SWISH-e list had any actual
experience in using the fuzzy indexing feature of SWISH-e?

Is it possible to have two SWISH-e search engines installed and
operating on the same web server? 

Has this been done with success ... i.e. are there any examples using it
to look at on the WWW (only fuzzy? Fuzzy plus normal)?

Does anyone have any stats on the relative size of a regular SWISH-e
index vs. a fuzzy SWISH-e index?  I realize this could vary

John Movius
Webmaster -
Received on Thu May 8 00:23:06 2003