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how to handle multiple occurrences of an xml field?

From: Steven Moy <SMoy(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 19:59:37 GMT
If I have documents with multiple fields of the same name, e.g. the field
named <client> in an example like this:
<salesperson>Mr. Foo</salesperson>
<company>XYZ Corp.</company>
<client>John Doe</client>
<client>Jane Doe</client>
<client>John Smith</client>

If I then choose to display the field contents in the search results ( -x
"<salesperson>|<client>|<company>|") it displays the clients all
concatenated together:

Mr.Foo|John Doe Jane Doe John Smith|XYZ Corp.

Is there any way to get at the clients individually?  Or maybe at least get
a separator between the clients?  For example "John Doe#JaneDoe#John Smith"
would be great.  Then I could just parse that string.

Any workarounds at all would be appreciated.

Received on Thu Apr 24 20:03:48 2003