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undefined reference to `SwishErrorsToStderr(void)'

From: f b <diybtk(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 10:07:03 GMT
Hi I get errors when linking to the swish-e library, when I use the Error functions located in error.c/error.h I have verified that the error.o is located in the swish-e library, but I still get the linker error. When I comment out the use of the Error functions, so that only the Search functions are still in use, it links perfectly. An example of the linker errors I get is:  undefined reference to `SwishErrorsToStderr(void)' The libtest-example that also are using the Error functions complies and links, so I have no ide why I can not get my code to link with the Error functions. Can anyone help me out?  Note! (My code is written in C++ and compiled with g++) Best Regards, DIYBTK
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