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Re: Use of swish-e in BaBar high energy physics exp.

From: Douglas Smith <douglas(at)not-real.SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 21:58:21 GMT
On to thread two:

On Tuesday 15 April 2003 02:17 pm, Bill Moseley wrote:
> > 1. The system is almost too flexible to start, perhaps there
> > should be a simpler install to get started?
> Are you talking about swish-e binary or the swish.cgi script?

Ah, well, that is the problem isn't it.  There isn't just
one thing to setup, there is at least three for what most people
want.  Each with its own config.

Most people want to try to have a search index on the web,
that people can input a search string and get back a formatted
list of links and high lighted contents.  You have this and
it works very well, but the quick start to get this has you
getting swish-e working, writing a config for it, getting the
spider working, writing a config for that, installing the cgi
and getting that working, and then writing a config for that.

Which in the end is what I wanted to do anyway.  But it was
much easier to test Inktomi on the system, and Google, where
we could just fill out a few web form entries, and off it 
goes (although with very little control), and ht-dig was 
easier to setup (although much more difficult than Google
or Inktomi).  It would be nice to come up with (or at least
try) a simpler install for this use case.

Like a wrapper script which only needs the url, one regex
filter to limit contents indexed, depth of spidering and place 
to install cgi scripts, and perhaps a couple other things 
but not much.  Then let it go, and look at results.

I mean there is a real gem here of a program, but it will
get skipped over for Google and Inktomi because I can test
those by the end of the day, and this one languished for 
months, getting kicked around by people until it was finally
setup correctly.

I mean I like the multiple stages, and flexibility, in the
end I will probably use it all.  It might be nice to be able
to have something working in one day without having to read
through all the config options.

Ofcourse I ask too much, I should shut up and produce code.


Douglas A. Smith        
Office: Bld 280, Rm 157                       (650)926-2369
Received on Tue Apr 15 21:59:15 2003