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Re: Using Swish on a much LARGER scale?

From: Rick McGowan <rick(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 01:57:31 GMT
To start with, you would need a lot of disk space just to store indexes 
for the whole net. Sheesh. Probably more disk space than your company 
has or could reasonably purchase just for that purpose!

Why not just make a page with a link to the Google searcher like some 
other people do.

See also:

See also the "Google Search Appliance" on the Google website.


Dave Morton wrote:

> Hello, all.
>   My present employer has handed me a rather daunting task, and I'm not quite sure I'm up to it,
> so I thought I'd ask some advice from folks who would know more than myself.
>   It seems that my boss has it in his (insert rude adjective here) head that he wants a full blown,
> Internet wide search engine. Yup! you guessed it! "Something along the lines of Google" was the
> direct quote. {sigh!} Now, I've been using Swish for a few months, and it indexes our remote servers
> just fine, but what sorts of problems (legal, programming, etc.) would I encounter if I were to attempt
> to use it as the basis of a global search? 
Received on Fri Apr 4 01:58:22 2003