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Some questions

From: greg <greg(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 02:39:57 GMT
Hi everyone,

With help from David Norris, I successfully built 2.3.4, on Win 98 (and
with Visual C++. I have been able to build some simple applications
around libswish-e.lib. But I have some questions:

1. I haven't been able to build an MFC application - because the MFC
requires linking against multi-threaded versions of the C runtime
Now I guess I can change the swish-e library to link against the
multi-threaded versions of the standard libraries...

- does anyone know if that would be safe or not?

2. I'm trying to use the new library API, but have been somewhat

a) it appears swish-e.h is a replacement for swish.h ? (can't use both?)

b) the library in the VisualC++ project does not appear to #include
"swish-e.h" (it uses swish.h) - should it ?
 N.B. my project #includes swish-e.h and still builds OK it 
 works too, but has the following problem:

c) SwishResultPropertyStr only seems to return the path to the 
document, all the other properties e.g. title and description 
return "(null)". 

I have the following line:
MetaNames description keywords year
in my config file so I assume at least description should work?
  ? maybe this is a problem with the library?
  ? I notice that swish-e created a file "docs.idx.prop" maybe 
    the library can't find the file? 
    (I'm passing the full path to the index file into SwishInit).

d) My application will have some features that are specific to 
the data it is indexing, but should be OK as the basis for a 
Windows gui for client-side searching. I would be honoured if 
it were (eventually) included in the Swish-e distribution 
(it appears that the Swish-e library is GPL and not LGPL? 
So, as a consequence, I guess my app also becomes GPL?)  

So if I am intending it to become part of Swish-e:
Where do I put it in the source tree? 
(currently under src so I  #include "../swish-e.h")

Any other conventions you like?

Thanks in advance

Greg Ford
Wellington NZ
Received on Tue Mar 25 02:43:45 2003