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Re: a better way to index?

From: Hup Chen <hup(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 20:26:43 GMT
> >   The external parse program was using 2GB, swish-e took about 750MB RAM.
> What is $parse doing to use so much memory?
  That's a simple program which do only
select * from table -> output all records into HTML2 format

I have about 2M records, average record size is about 500B.  The whole
database size should be 2Mx500=1GB, but for some unknown reason, it simply
take more RAM than real database size.

> > Elapsed time: 03:15:27 CPU time: 00:-4:-3
> Hum, that CPU time is a bit werid.  Maybe a bug in the display -- or maybe
> swish is so optimized that for a lot of records it actually gives CPU time
> back to the system! ;)

  Well, I bet it's not doing something back to the future.

> Sure -e will be faster if without -e you run out of memory...

  with or without -e work about the same for me, probably due to I have
enough RAM.

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