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Re: Little bug, some annoying installation details

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 14:32:15 GMT
On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Christian Ferrari wrote:

Thanks Christian for your help,

> Does POSIX standard mention "_timeb", "_ftime"? I did not find them.

I've sent mail to the person that added that code asking why that was
used.  I wonder if it was because of Windows (as it was originally wrapped
in a #ifdef WIN32.

> 2. if I not specify "./configure --with-zlib=/usr/local [...some
> stuff...]", the generated Makefile does NOT specify "-lz" and symbols
> "compress/uncompress" can NOT be resolved; configure does not produce a
> right Makefile if "zlib" is not explicitly  mentioned

Can you explain this more, as I can't seem to duplicate.

moseley@bumby:~/swish-e$ ./configure --with-zlib=/usr --prefix=$HOME/lala > /dev/null

moseley@bumby:~/swish-e$ fgrep lz src/Makefile
LIBS        = -lm  -lxml2 -L/usr/lib -lz 
SEARCHLIBS  = -lm  -L/usr/lib -lz

moseley@bumby:~/swish-e$ ./configure --without-zlib --prefix=$HOME/lala > /dev/null
moseley@bumby:~/swish-e$ fgrep lz src/Makefile

I remember once on Solaris that the zlib header file was found but the
library was installed in a non-standard location so building failed.

> 3. example/swish.cgi perl script migth be configured by configure to use
> a working perl instance instead of a generic path (/usr/local/bin/perl)

I was thining of just changing it to /usr/bin/perl, but yes, it would be
easy to replace it with  (The real reason I have not done
this yet is because I'd have to always remember to make changes to the .in
file when editing it.)

> 4. documentation explains a lot of commands (cp, chmod, etc...) to
> install "swish.cgi" script: it would be easier a make target like "make 
> install-cgi"

I've thought about that, too.  It would be very nice if there was a simple
way to get the script installed and running.  Can you give me an example
of where everything should go?

 - swish.cgi needs to be moved or symlinked to a cgi-bin directory.
   Would need a ./configure option to specify the location.

 - if it's not installed in a cgi-bin directory then the web server needs
   to be configured to run the script which might be a .htaccess or
   httpd.conf modification.

-  perl modules need to be added.  By default they are in a "modules"
   directory below the script, which is not the best place (they are
   not files the web server needs to have in its webspace).
   So they really need to be installed in either the system perl library
   or on another location and have @INC modified.
   That's another ./configure option.

-  Then still need to configure a swish config file for indexing, and
   define where indexes will be stored, and build the indexes.  Plus,
   additional modules may need to be installed from CPAN on some

It would be great if all that could be automated.  But, I'm not clear how
to do that in a generic and portable way that will work for all 
users and platforms.

Thanks for your input!

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Feb 26 14:41:32 2003