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Re: Ignore Question

From: Gentile, Jeff <GentileJ(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 14:22:53 GMT

>Not really.  But you can run you "prog" program without swish and see
>exactly what it is generating and then use -T indexed_words when indexing
>to see what words are indexed.

Thanks... I figured out what's going on, I was indexing my script... LOL! as
I hadn't added the -S prog switch... thinking that I could have one config
file index both a file system and a prog.... Is "-T indexed_words" an 
undocumented feature? It's great!

However, now my content-lengths are off, I think do to some of the odd characters
in the tech notes... there isn't some undocumented addition of a "EOF" char string
type feature, is there?


Received on Mon Feb 24 14:23:46 2003