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Which version of SWISH will solve my problems?

From: John Movius <cew(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 08:34:32 GMT
I am sending these questions (at the suggestion of Roy Tenant) to the
swish-e discussion list.   Roy felt that some of you on the list might
be able to help me.

FYI I have used SWISH since living at Davis CA (before 1998) when I had
installed on my old feefhs website there in mid 1996.  Currently I have
more recent version of SWISH installed on my "old site" here in Salt
City, however I have 2 problems with using it in a "robust" text

1) The version installed (it was current as of November 2000) seems to
miss most acronyms and also miss some names (as an example - it will NOT
index "ALSRL", but it WILL index "Alsace Research List" when both appear
on a given web page).

2)  The SWISH search page is set for 40 hits, but it is variable -- and
is limited to 100 hits.  I need several hundred hits  / listings at
least and I would prefer at least 500.   I don't mind a longer wait
for the search to occur, if that is a necessary result.

3) Now for my real question.  I have a new site with about 40 Megs of
genealogy text on a Windows NT server (where I have almost 100 megs
of web space now) at of Sparks, Nevada).  My site will
eventually grow to several hundred megs of genealogy text.  I know
I have to have a search engine for its use by others, but which one?

Questions: Is there an "older version" of SWISH (compatible with a
web installation on a Windows 2000 NT Server at an ISP) that does not
have the two limitations I mention above?  Can it be installed
within my existing web space without having to deal with my ISP's
webmaster and the CGI bin capabilities of that Windows 2000 NT server?

I will greatly appreciate any advice I receive on what to do.   I have
a computer programer who will actually do the installation for me. 

John Movius
Received on Fri Jan 31 08:34:53 2003