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Indexing pdf files - Problem with spaces in names

From: David Cogley <david(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 16:28:17 GMT
Can anyone suggest a simple fix to to correct problems with
directories and filenames that have spaces?

I have a collection of more than 1000 pdf files in a directory structure set
up by my client.  The client likes the freedom to have spaces in the
directory and filenames.  If I can figure out how to deal with spaces, I can
avoid a problem with my client.

When using a FileFilter directive for indexing pdf files, one invokes  One of the first lines in this script is:

     my $file = shift || die "Usage: $0 <filename>\n";

shift passes in the part of the argument up to the first whitespace, i.e.,
just a portion of the full pathname.  stderr gets a usage message and the
file is not indexed.
Received on Thu Jan 30 16:28:30 2003