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Re: StoreDescription for XML, indexing Powerpoint

From: Andrew Smith <asmith(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 23:42:57 GMT
> > To use StoreDescription for XML, you need to give a tag in the XML from 
> > which to extract the description text; and the same is true for storing 
> > descriptions of HTML. This makes sense for HTML (which is a single 
> > standard where you can use e.g. <body> as the StoreDescription tag), but 
> > doesn't seem to for XML (which is extensible and thus you define your own 
> > tags and format). I.e. the files you are indexing could contain many 
> > different types of XML files and there will be no single XML tag that they 
> > all share which could be used as the common StoreDescription tag. So it 
> > seems StoreDescription should be changed for XML files to either allow 
> > entire (up to some number of characters, as TXT descriptions are 
> > specified) XML files to be stored or to allow multiple tags to be 
> > specified. Is there any way to get around this in the current Swish-e to 
> > store entire XML file contents as descriptions?
> An example would be helpful.

A simple example would be that you might store two different kinds of XML 
files within a directory you want to index and make searchable:

(1) messages between people

<body>Don't forget our meeting.</body>

(2) employee records


<name>John Doe</name>


Then, there is no common tag between these two types of XML files, so you 
cannot give Swish-e a single XML tag to use as the description.

> True, Swish probably can not deal with all possible uses of XML.
> If you want to use multiple tag names for the description you might be
> able to use the PropertyNameAlias directive.

Yes, that might work. I'll look into it. Thanks.
Received on Wed Jan 29 23:43:25 2003