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Re: How to filter the swishdescription ??

From: Michael <michael.remy(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 15:17:33 GMT
so, i will try to better explain my mind :

so :

i think what is excluded from indexation isn't exclude from the
storedescription of the document.
am i right ?

so i have the following result :
i exclude from indexation the text between <JAVASCRIPT> tags.  (and PHP tags
so if i search the word 'script language' (or '<?PHP'), swish-e returns me a
null score, so it is good.


 if this excluded text was behind <BODY> tags, it will be store (and display
!) when swish will find other word (which was not excluded) in the same
document. and it is my problem !

did you understand me now ?
versteht ?
capicche ?
comprendo ?
pigé ?

ps : sorry for my english language, but i 'm french.
Received on Mon Jan 13 15:17:44 2003