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log file

From: <cmpeders(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 17:15:17 GMT

I am running SWISH-E on our internet site which is on Solaris.

I have just implemented SWISH-E on our intranet site which is on Windows
2000 using IIS 5.0 using the windows port.

I can't seem to locate the LOG file of searches performed on the intranet .
I use this data to get stats on what people are searching for.
I have REPORTING set up in the config as 2 just like I do on the Solaris
server which successfully creates a log file.

Can the windows port create a log file or will I have to get my statistics
another way?

Any help is appreciated.

Chris Pedersen
Received on Fri Jan 3 17:15:42 2003