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F_OPEN_TEXT in index.c

From: Kyle Judson <kjudson(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 23:06:36 GMT
I was having problems with SWISH 2.2.1, the old xml parser and some =
files on NT 2000.  The parser was complaining about them being "not well =
formed" and stuff.

I tracked the problem to the fact that the file is opened in index.c as =
F_READ_TEXT and then when it is read by read_stream in file.c the buffer =
is terminated at filelen instead of bytes read and the filelen was not =
updated.  In windows the test read strips some characters, in my case =
the 0x0D of the CR/LF pair at the end of each line.   The result was =
that the buffer was not completely filled and there was garbage at the =
end that the parser was choking on.

I changed the F_READ_TEXT to F_READ_BINARY and that seems to have solved =
my problem but I am worried about an unforeseen side effect.  Am I OK?

I checked CVS and none of the affected code seems to have changed.



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