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NoContents Problem

From: Rolf Schatzmann <rolf(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 17:33:49 GMT

I  am having a problem with Swish-e Version 2.0.5 Running on Debian =
linux i386. It indexes documents fine however it will not obey the =
NoContents directive in the config file. I have tried with just a couple =
of file types and I have also tried without the IndexOnly directive and =
just using the NoContents Directive.

I am using the fs indexing system.

I originally compilled 2.2 from the source and it did the same thing so =
I installed the debian package from the stable distribution.

The lines below show what I am trying to do.

IndexOnly  .pdf .txt .doc .html .man  READM* INSTAL* MANU* manu* .htm* =
.rtf .TXT .DOC .wks .xls .PDF .gif .GIF .xbm .au .MOV .mov .MPG .mpg .PS =
.ps .ZIP .zip .ARC .arc .GZIP .gzip .GZ .gz .bzip .JPEG .jpeg .JPG .j$

NoContents .gif .GIF .xbm .au .MOV .mov .MPG .mpg .PS .ps .ZIP .zip .ARC =
.arc .GZIP .gzip .GZ .gz .bzip .JPEG .jpeg .JPG .jpg .AVI .avi .BMP .bmp =
.TIFF .tiff .MPEG .mpeg .SIT .sit .HQX .hqx .htaccess .htpasswd .EXE =
.exe .BIN .bin .bat .snd .AIFF .aiff .AIFF .aif .Apple* .DB .img .IMG =
.dmg .DMG

Does anyone know why this is happenening? Swish-e tries to index some =
big (300MB) movie files and then runs out of memmory, I just want the =
names of these files indexed.

Appreciate any suggestions, I am out of ideas.


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