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Multiple property values.

From: William Bailey <wb(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 14:19:31 GMT
Hello again.

	Is there a way to add more then one value to a numeric property? Basically i 
want to limit and sort my results using -s and -L. The value of the property 
is a date in the YYYYMMDD format however my issue is that it seems that you 
can only specify this property once and i really need this property to have a 
number of values and to still be able to sort and limit the results.

	I am indexing a XML file and the date is specified ias 
<release>YYYYMMDD<release> however there can be more then one set of 
<release> tags if the item has been released more then once.

	I suppose that if this can't be done then i could prefiler the xml files 
(which i am already doing anyway) and do a <minrelease>YYYYMMDD</minrelease> 
<maxrelease>YYYYMMDD</maxrelease> and then have 2 different properties which 
i could then use to get the same sort of effect.

	Also how is the MetaNamesRank directive going? This sounds interesting and 
could well turn out to be a worthwhile feature.

	Keep up the good work.

	William Bailey.
	Pro-Net Internet Services Ltd.
Received on Thu Nov 28 14:19:50 2002