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POST request

From: Dominik Marti <domarti(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 15:58:07 GMT
Is it possible to index url's with swish-e that are protected with login 
forms (POST method)?
The necessary information, like URL & params are known - a script grabs 
this information out of an HTML form.
Indexing protected sites (HTTP auth & GET method) is solved -> could be 
easy done by passing the specific URL.
But how to handle this with POST's?
Maybe it's necessary to modify swishspider - but, where to start? - I'm 
not familiar with Perl.
Is there maybe another (easier) way to solve this problem?

Any good advice or maybe a Perl code fragment is very appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Dominik Marti
Received on Fri Nov 22 15:58:21 2002