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Re: Relative Newbie Swish-e indexing query

From: Tref Gare <TrefG(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 03:05:13 GMT
Thanks Bill, 

That's clearing up a lot.

I've now got all the elements appearing nicely.  I realised that I'd not
gone and configured the jsp end of things with the new metanames and now
things are starting to look as I'd like them.

The multiple start dates thing.  I'm aiming at a hit on any of the date
ranges (ie within a start and end range when an end is specified) will
be returned.  However that will depend a bit on how swish-e is indexing
repeated fields.  Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

And thanks for the -L tip.. I'll have a look into it.

Thanks again.

Tref Gare
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From: Bill Moseley [] 
Sent: Friday, 22 November 2002 1:34 PM
To: Tref Gare; Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Re: [SWISH-E] Re: Relative Newbie Swish-e indexing query

Swish-e has a limited way to work with xml, yet xml  has a lot more
flexibility in representing complex data.  How's that for a vague

>As such I've made some adjustments to the xml such that it appears like
><event id="1341341234">
>	<eventTitle>Run Lola Run</eventTitle>
>	<oneLiner>it's a goodun</oneLiner>
>	<description>no a.. really really goodun</description>
>	... other stuff
>	<interval>
>		<startDate>22/11/2002</startDate>
>		<endDate>24/11/2002</endDate>
>	</interval>

That's basically what UndefinedXMLAttributes does, although that builds
metaname from the combined tag and the attribute name.

>	<interval>
>		<startDate>25/11/2002</startDate>
>	</interval>

But I don't know your data.  You have two interval start dates, so I'm
clear how you will search on those.

If you are planning on searching (limiting searches to) a data range
look at the -L switch.  That's really a database function instead of a
text search engine function, but it works reasonably well for indexes
are not too huge.  Whatever that means.  You can only have one date of a
given property name per file/record, though.

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Nov 22 03:05:23 2002