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Re: some features

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 17:46:02 GMT
At 07:19 AM 11/14/02 -0800, Stephan Diehl wrote:
>I'm new to this list and hope that my question is not too annoying....

Oh bother!

>I'm using swish-e for over a year now in some web related python project.
>At the moment I'm just using the command line version. Since this seems to
>a little bit of a hack to me, I'm tempted to write a python wrapper for the 
>library. Before I start doing this (and don't hold your breath), do you know 
>of any other try in this direction? (I couldn't find anything on the swish-e 
>website or searching the web :-)

I've been hoping someone would ask that.  I think it would be great to get
a Python wrapper.  Make sure you use the development version of the API it
was redesigned for an object approach.  Look at the perl/API.xs module for

>While I'm extreamly happy with swish-e so far, I'm missing the possibility
>build an index incrementaly. Is there something planned in this direction?

Yes.  There is work in this direction.  (Jose, can you say more?)  One
unsolved problem is how to *remove* a file from the index.

For now, reindexing is the way to go.

>Is it planned to expose the indexing functionality as well to a C library?

No plan for that.  In fact I spent a lot of time removing the indexing code
from the library in the current dev version.

I could see it helpful for incremental indexing, but for normal indexing I
don't see it being much better than just forking and running the binary.
But I haven't thought much about it.  Why do you ask?

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Nov 14 17:46:23 2002