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Re: question regarding install swish-e-2.2.1 on SGI

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 17:42:08 GMT
At 09:35 AM 11/11/02 -0800, Mao, Jean (NIH/CIT) wrote:
>Hi, I got the following error message while trying to install. Any help
>would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

>        gcc -o swish-e -Wall -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DSWISH_VERSION=\"2.2.1\"
>-Iexpat/xmltok -Iexpat/xmlparse -I/usr/freeware/include/libxml2  -g -O2
>swish.o keychar_out.o                      libswish-e.a -lm -lm
>-L/usr/freeware/lib32 -lxml2 -lz -liconv -lm 
>ld32: FATAL   9  : I/O error (-liconv): No such file or directory

Do you have libiconv installed?  Swish currently doesn't use it, but
libxml2 does.

Might also look at the --disable-system-iconv parameter when building
*libxml2*, but I've never tried that.

Bill Moseley
Received on Mon Nov 11 17:42:22 2002