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Re: Help with or swish.cgi

From: Lauren Landsburg <lauren(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 29 2002 - 14:36:48 GMT
Hi, Michael.

> I've tried using both and swish.cgi, but neither work.
> returns 0 matches, even though when I run the command it
> uses in OPEN at the command line I get a bunch of results.  Swish.cgi
> just says "Service currently unavailable."  I'm not sure why.  I'm
> running these on Solaris 5.6 on Apache 2.0.43 and Perl 5.005.03.  I
> haven't modified anything except the locations and such in the perl
> scripts.  If needed, though, I can post the config portions. is an "add-on." To my knowledge the most widely used version was originally authored by John Millard ( [Oh, I sure hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong!  That is the name and email address I tracked my programs back
to just now; and I try to keep good notes at the time I copy and modify programs.  But I copied this program to modify it many years ago, so who knows if the email address is still valid!]  It's not supported directly by the folks who designed

I can't directly answer your question, but I can suggest looking at the file locations and file indicators in the text of the copy of you have.  Different installations of Perl can make small things like using a forward or back-slash
within a program, or the level of "../" matter to the point of unfindable. 
So, look through the program for references to directories and file structures, and consider trying a few other things.

See also the following:

When Millard's program came out and ever since, his program received some attention, widespread use, and then some quality critiques, the last of which you can resurrect through the Swish-e mailing list archive.  These critiques are
well-worth perusing, and may give you some answers to your questions along with some security alerts about the program.  

Because I know Perl, I myself found it highly useful to read through Millard's program.  The program was written clearly in a style that worked for me as a learner about Swish-e.  I based my own user-processes on Millard's program, though I've
modified that program greatly since then to accord with my own installations, and to a certain extent to accommodate the credible security/etc. concerns voiced on this mailing list some years ago.  If you are not familiar with perl, this program may
not be the best user-interface for you to use.

Received on Tue Oct 29 14:41:02 2002