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From: Frank Smitha <fsmitha(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 03:36:13 GMT
Can the following be created with Swish-e:

1. A search for words through my files that produces a result that can =
be clicked on an take the reader to the nearest bookmark within a site =
-- as is availabe with whatUseek's SiteLevel search.=20

2. Search results that add what is available with SiteLevel. SiteLevel's =
search stops at the first entry for a word in a site. Pico Search =
displays a sentence for the searched word beyond the first word in a =
file. If, for example, I have Fooey-wooey at the top of a file and =
further down in a file, Pico's results show the word in both places, =
each within a sentence. But with Pico Search one cannot click on the =
searched word and go to a bookmark as one can with SiteLevel. What I =
would like to have is my own search engine that does both and that =
allows me to have a synonyms list and other common goodies that I could =

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