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Re: download

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 04:19:06 GMT
On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 22:28, Frank Smitha wrote:
> I'm using windows xp.=20
> I've downloaded swish-e 2.2.1 win32.exe...=20
> Installation instructions lists a variety of directories I should have =
> after unzip.

You should have everything except the source code and build tools since
SWISHE is already built.  The executable is named swish-e.exe in your
installation directory.  Clicking on "Browse Files" in the start menu
should open to the installation directory.  Clicking on "SWISH-E Command
Prompt" will take you to a command prompt in your SWISH-E installation
directory.  vars.bat could be used to set any enviroment variables you
might need.

Here's an overview of what is included with the SWISH-E build for
Windows.  You should find a README.txt in each of the sub-directories
which explains all the other files in that directory.
  conf/       - sample configurations
  examples/   - example web interface
  filter-bin/ - example FileFilter filter scripts
  prog-bin/   - example "-S prog" scripts
  filters/    - modular "-S prog" and FileFilter filter system (PERL)

  swish-e.exe - SWISH-E itself
  vars.bat    - batch to set environment vars (SWISH-E Command Prompt)
  COPYING.txt - GNU GPL license
  swishspider - SWISH-E "-S http" spider PERL script
  libxml2.dll - XML2 Library
  pcre.dll    - PERL Compatible Regex Library
  xmlparse.dll- Expat Parser Library
  xmltok.dll  - Expat Tokenizer Library
  zlib.dll    - ZLib Compression Library
  msvcr70.dll - Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library 7.0

NOT included in the Windows32 build (i.e. the source code):
  src/   - SWISH-E source
  doc/   - documentation build tools
  pod/   - documentation source
  perl/  - PERL module source
  tests/ - SWISH-E build tests
  configure    - autoconf script - autoconf template  - configure template
  win32.nsi    - NSIS binary installer script
  win32src.nsi - NSIS source code installer script

 David Norris
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Received on Thu Oct 3 04:23:32 2002