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Re: -Sprog with -N

From: Paul Borghese <pborghese(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 12:44:17 GMT
I am amazed there is not a command line switch on swish-e that will
allow you to change/override the SwishProgParameters during run-time.
You can change most of the other parameters in the config file
dynamically, why not SwishProgParameters?  I like the idea of using -i
stdin as a workaround.

Thanks for your help!


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Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 6:32 PM
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Subject: [SWISH-E] Re: -Sprog with -N

At 06:25 PM 09/22/02 -0400, Paul Borghese wrote:
>Thanks Bill!
>Is there a way to send a parameter to the -Sprog?  I would like to use
>the same program for both incremental and full indexing.  

Yes, the SwishProgParameter directive.

You can also do this trick:

  ./myprog paramA paramb | ./swish-e -S prog -i stdin

Bill Moseley
Received on Mon Sep 23 12:48:17 2002