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Re: problems with Win32 binary release

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 07:00:22 GMT
At 10:49 PM 9/19/02, David L Norris wrote:
>Well, I guess I figured most users would expect to find things on the
>start menu.  Any specific ideas how I could make it easier?

Just a closing dialog that says something got added to the
start menu, and where, is enough. My feedback wasn't that it
didn't work, just that it didn't "feel like" a normal install
where there's the final "do this to start the tool" popup.

>I wished someone had made these reports for the betas and release
>candidates we've been releasing for the past several years.  ;-)  This
>sort of feedback really is useful!

Sorry. I never thought I'd use the Windoze release, and what
prompted me to get off my butt and upgrade was when my ISP
whacked my old installation by changing the OS and Perl versions.
Just good (or bad) timing that the 2.2 release came out on the
very same day I needed to go fix my search engine.

>Yes, Winzip will mangle linefeeds into CRLFs for better and worse.  It
>will corrupt binary files, for example.

There is an option to turn that off, which I didn't know about
until browsing the help files today. I have tar and gzip for
WinNT, but WinZip has that nifty GUI to preview what will happen...

>> why not distribute the exes by
>> themselves and use that file to supplement the stock release?
>I did for a long time.  But, I would get 2-3 confused emails a week.

That's a good enough reason for me! Do what the average person understands.

>My preference would be to identify all the problems with the installer
>and fix them.  It should be quite simple to fix all these things.  I've
>just not heard much feedback from users about the installer.

It works! It's just too simple to believe... I kept expecting the
inevitable (or, in this case, 'evitable') popup asking me if it
could reboot.

The only real problem is CRLF terminations, as far as I know.

At 11:27 PM 9/19/02, David L Norris wrote:
>I really need to get the win32 build working under the GCC cross-compiler.

That has always scared me. It's hard enough to chase down bugs
with the native compiler, much less a cross-compiler.

>One has to load up a huge, clunky, slow, buggy GUI just to run
>an XML "makefile" that calls a bunch of command line programs

Isn't there a version of 'make' that runs native in Windoze?
Or do you have to load some big toolkit first?

Thanks for your efforts. Hope the feedback actually IS useful.

Received on Fri Sep 20 07:03:57 2002