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Re: problems with Win32 binary release

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 05:42:24 GMT
At 08:26 PM 09/19/02 -0700, SRE wrote:
>None of the standard Windoze messages about being done, rebooting,

At 08:53 PM 9/19/02, Bill Moseley wrote:
>Yes, isn't that refreshing!

Indeed it is! Someday we will figure out why the masses chose Windoze.
(My theory is that since Apple sued a few other companies
out of existence, it took someone as ruthless as Gates to
break Apple's monopoly, but few agree with me.)

>>That's OK, but a final message
>>where to look next would really comfort the average user.
>Don't Windows users know to look at the programs off the start menu?

Every Windoze tool I've installed lately wants to know which program
group to put the start menu item in, or whether it can put something
on your desktop. Frankly, my start menu is so full I never use it
(it wraps, being taller than my screen)... but sure enough there IS
a new entry there, now that I look again!

I wasn't complaining, just commenting.

>>I do have a problem, however, with files like README.txt
>>*not* actually being a text file.
>We discussed this a bit.  maybe that can be fixed.

Easily. I have a tiny Perl script that recursively switches
between Unix and DOS line terminations, but you've surely got
your own or there's a standard one out there. Mine is just a
hack, but I'll be happy to contribute it. Problem is that some
of the files in the distribution have no extension (like
swishspider) so a CRLF converter would have trouble deciding
whether to change them or not without looking inside.

>Do people really use Notepad?

Yep. On WinNT it handles infinitely large files and it has
switchable line wrapping. I also have Lemmy (a vi workalike
that is a great improvement on the original) so I can edit
the files... but that doesn't solve the problem of line breaks
in Perl scripts sometimes misbehaving if they're not natively
terminated. I can't remember if the problem was in static
variable assignments, print blocks, or what, but I've run
into it a couple of times. Maybe it only happens in the other
direction, when a machine expecting LF sees CRLF.

>They run on my machine as is.

Well, there you go. It's probably not critical then.

>Would be nice to get those converted.

Now we're into something I can do! Tell me how to know which files
are ASCII and which are binary, and I'll send you a script that
"fixes" the Windoze directories after they're unpacked. It would
require Perl, but that's gonna have to be there to use Swish-e.
(But I bet it's not assumed during the install...)

>>the resulting files
>>are converted to Windoze line termination by WinZip
>No, that's winzip doing that, I'd guess.

Surprised the heck out of me, too. I thought WinZip just unpacked
things, but upon further reading of the manual I discovered this:
 | When the TAR File smart CR/LF conversion option is in effect, WinZip 
 | determines whether to perform CR/LF conversion for each file inside a 
 | TAR file by looking at the first 80 characters in each file.
Clever. No mistakes so far... but don't let that first line get too long!

>I think Dave has put in a huge amount of time and frustration working with
>Windows just to get things to work correctly.  I think he's done a good job
>with the way it is.  

Absolutely. Again, I'm not trying to be a whiner even if I sound
that way. I'm flopping feedback out there in case it's useful.

My whole reason for diving into the Windoze port was to test locally
and perhaps generate some index files here with the spider. In the
end I think it will be easier to do it all thru a CGI script on Unix.


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