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Re: Segementation fault core dump (on merging)

From: Trond Nilsen <t.nilsen(at)>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 03:23:03 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 04:09 AM 09/19/02 -0700, Sundaram Balasubramaninan wrote:
>>We are testing with release 2.2  for indexing daily pages of newspaper. we

I've just encountered the same problem running under Windows (merging files 
throws a nasty seg fault).

Luckily, I can work around this by searching my indexes separately, and 
gathering the sets of results (it's all handled programmatically).

In aid of bug hunting, though, here's the details.


Whenever I try to merge 2 or more files, I get something like the following

D:\Development\LocalEye>swish-e -M indexes\largeFull.index indexes\all.index 
indexes\largePartial.index external.index
Input index 'indexes\largeFull.index' has 8 files and 864 words
Input index 'indexes\all.index' has 1 files and 334 words
Input index 'indexes\largePartial.index' has 8 files and 864 words

at which point Windows throws a fit and kills the process.


If I use the merge operator on a trivial case, merging one file into an output 
file using 'swish-e -M indexes\all.index external.index' it works quite fine.


The indexes I'm testing with are very small for convenience. In production we 
expect to have much larger files.

To generate these, we're using the 'prog' method and the '' script 
that comes with Swish-E 2.2.


I have available here my config files (both the swish configs and the configs), as well as the indexes generated. I haven't posted them 
here, because there are several files, and I doubt you all want them in your 
inbox - mail me if you're trying to recreate this bug, and I'll send them through.

Trond Nilsen                                                   Alchemy Group
Software Engineer                         
Received on Fri Sep 20 03:26:44 2002