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details in docs (but I'm up and running)

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 22:35:16 GMT
In html/SWISH-CONFIG.html#item_PropertyNamesDate
there are a couple of minor typos, but only one
really deserves attention... note that the last
two options in this set of six don't have arguments
indicated but in fact they need a list of meta names:

PropertyNames *list of meta names* 
PropertyNamesCompareCase *list of meta names* 
PropertyNamesIgnoreCase *list of meta names* 

Other minor things kept cropping up so I ran a spell checker:
  other checks do on words
  white space in a single paramter
  UTF-8 to Latin-1 coversion errors 
  indexed incorrecty in these cases
  you can use the the following
  you can specify the the format
  althought it would be smarter 
  Swish-e's internal haml parser
  in thier path
  also limit the searh to the 
  if you want more deatil 
  explicitly in a MetaNames dirictive
  the following configuation 
  attribute name is combinded 
  common use would to to limit 
  one ExtractPath direcive
  search those seperately
  specify the the tag 
  not uncomon with HTML 
  but is typicaly six
  TruncateDocSize is a safty belt 
  defines a list of metantags 
  characterters you are translating 
  actally, bumpted when a start tag is found 
  In the conifuration file
  unlikly that you would exclude 
  Preceeding the regular expression 
  index any directoires 
  for configuation information
  work the the -S http and -prog 
  This maps file suffixe 
  If you ommit filter-options 
Think of this proofread as my contribution... I'll edit
the source file if someone points me at it.


PS: I was pleased to find that the outputs of 2.2
were compatible with my old 1.3.2 wrapper script,
(JSWISHI) so I'm up and running as soon as I
get all the new configs done... then I can take
my time looking at a more modern CGI wrapper.
Received on Thu Sep 19 22:42:01 2002