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RE: Fuzzy Indexing with Double Metaphone

From: Jody Cleveland <Cleveland(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 16:46:25 GMT

> Does it say "stemmer" some place?

>From your original email, this is what it said:

Available choices are

   FuzzyIndexingMode None|Stemmer|Soundex|Metaphone|DoubleMetaphone

> 2) swish.cgi uses GET requests so all queries are already 
> logged to the web server log.  That log has the time and request IP, and
> other info that is useful for logging.  There are tools available to 
> parse common log formats, too.

That should do it, thanks.

Thanks again Bill for your patience and time helping me get this working
with Windows. I was finally able to get a test server for linux, so I've
been playing around with redhat 7.3. It's proving to be a huge learning
curve for me. I've been used to dos for so many years, it's hard to unlearn
and see how it's done in linux some time. If I could just figure out how to
setup a web site in Apache 2, I could play with getting swish-e to work on

Received on Wed Sep 18 16:50:05 2002