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3rd party CGI scripts

From: Charlie Dalsass <cdalsass(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 17:55:43 GMT
Hi, I've just re-written John Millard's which adds:

1. fork/exec instead of open
2. easy to configure (uses .ini file)
3. single,stand alone perl program -- easy installation
4. paging of results, and basic results highlighting (good enough for 
most sites)
5. ability to exclude results (for example results containing PHP code) 
via configuration file.
6. "googlish" interface

The search is designed for small sites on shared servers who want 
Google-like search interfaces.

I was wondering:

1. how to post the script to the swish-e website
2. whether anyone would like to critique the code for x-platform or 
security before "going live"
3. if this is of interest -- I didn't see anything on the site like it.

Charles M. Dalsass
Neptune Web
38 the Fenway
Boston, MA 02215
Received on Wed Sep 11 17:59:21 2002