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Re: DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE in 2.2 question

From: Jody Cleveland <Cleveland(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 16:38:10 GMT
>     swish-e -w not dkdkd -m 2 -x "%%p %%d\n"

Ran great, got this:
# SWISH format: 2.2rc1
# Search words: not dkdkd
# Number of hits: 337
# Search time: 0.040 seconds
# Run time: 3.645 seconds
%p %d
%p %d

> You should install bash on your Windows machine. 
> is no place to be.

Didn't realize you could install that on Windows. Is the place to
get it?

> E:\Program Files\SWISH-E2.2rc1>swish-e -b 2 -m 1 -T index_files

showed path, title, size, NO description

I searched the docs, and the only place I saw where it mentioned the
description is in the config file for indexing. Does it go somewhere else,
or am I missing something else?

Received on Wed Sep 11 16:41:45 2002