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Need a bit of help here ....

From: Eleazar Morales Chaires <emoralesch(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 22:51:53 GMT
Hello, my name is Eleazar Morales and im studyin a Masters Degree in Mexico

Im interested in your software SWISH, and I would like to develop a version 
that could work with some fuzzy logic as well as with spanish language

I would like to know if you are fine with this and if I could get all the 
information I need to do it

Thank you for your time, if you have any question about my idea I am gladly 
to answer them

best wishes

Ing. Eleazar Morales Chaires
Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Chih., México

P.D. I would really appreciate if you could answer me, couse Mr. Roy Tennant 
told me to resend this mail to you, thanks in advance.

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Received on Mon Sep 9 22:55:32 2002