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Re: Is your platform listed?

From: Rick McGowan <rick(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 23:01:28 GMT
Today I built and installed swish-e-2.2rc1 on:

Linux version 2.4.9-21enterprise (  
(gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.1 2.96-98))

I got pages of spewed warnings like this:

    swish.h:185:1: warning: C++ style comments are not allowed in ISO C89
    swish.h:185:1: warning: (this will be reported only once per input file)
    In file included from swish.c:27:
    mem.h:114:16: warning: '$' character(s) in identifier


Received on Wed Sep 4 23:04:58 2002