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(Re)Definition of swishdefault

From: Guido Adam <guido.adam(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 12:47:55 GMT

I am indexing XML data with the following structure:


All tags are defined as meta-tags in the swish.conf:

	MetaNames document url size type date crawldate keywords \
		description link title content

If I search, I have to do something like

	swish-e -f index_test -w "content=harry"

I'd like to do

	swish-e -f index_test -w "harry"

Is it possible to "define" <content> as swishdefault, <title> as 
swishtitle, <url> as swishdocpath and <description> as swishdescription? If 
so, how to do that?

The index contains xml data only.


Received on Wed Aug 28 12:51:24 2002